Best Cydia Sources for Gamers

Cydia SourcesAt this time, the iPhone or iPad is not any longer a smart device. People use it in purposes. As a result of great Retina display, the game experience is distinct and many more people enjoy playing games on their device. With this, I am sure that virtually none of you’re ready to pay a high pile of cash as a way to really get the game they need.

As an alternative, Cydia download is where you’ll find great games to download and a few of these without charging. There are several games on Cydia download Store that cost a small quantity of money, but they’re rather affordable.

Therefore, if you are a game fan and you also need to download the best games in your device to spend your spare time, all you must do is to find the appropriate Cydia source that will offer this possibility to you. If you desire to possess the latest new games right in your device, you can easily add the iPhone Cake Repo to your Source list. This unique repo is a great resource for interactive games to play in your device. Therefore, games such as GTA, FIFA or Street-fighter are some populate games that users locate quite amusing.

Another useful source for game ROMs and game emulators and games will be the xSellize Repo. To be able to play several games, you should install certain emulators. Without them, you won’t have the ability to play bigger games such as FIFA or GTA. For smaller types such as Angry Birds or PacMan, you want no such thing.

In the last part, I need to mention another useful source for new games to play. You should have access to any or all emulators you’ll need to play any sport, should you add Unbanfanatics repo. Include these sources in Cydia download, and you’ll have access to the best matches.

Top 10 Cydia Repos 2013

Cydia ReposAs everybody knows any iOS and iDevice version is now able to be jailbreaked, many dont know why to jailbreak or even what to do with a jailbroken iPhone or iPad. The simplest reason is the fact that you have access to the Cydia AppStore and here you can find every one of the situations you have to customize your device.

Tons of awesome apps and games might be downloaded trough cydia and several for free. These are the apps they arent allowed on Apples AppStore. Cydia is merely the app browser and installer; builders make their applications and post them on repositories or sources. Cydia comes standard with some souces but while the number of programmers, apps and repos grew you must add the best sources to obtain access to the coolest cydia apps.

Here weve gathered some of the coolest cydia repos 2012

1. SiNfuL iPhone

With an upward growing community of more than 3000k users, forums and assistance this is the top resource for premium quality cracked cydia applications. The top free source for the most well-known cydia tweaks and apps.

Enter Cydia/APT URL:


I must say this is really not a new entry, here is the most popular repo available. Many jailbreak their iPhones only to download installous that’s hosted on this source. Installous allows you to download and install for free most of the paid apps available in Apples Appstore.

Enter Cydia/APT URL:

Also available here are applications like: appsync50plus, crackulous, hresources, ldone, translations, security.deb and metadataremovr.

3. xSellize

Do you like emulated games? Continue playing them in your iPhone. Within this repo are available ROMs for Nintendo 64, NES and Game Boy Also included within this repo are lots of apps, packs, tweaks and mods.

Enter Cydia/APT URL:

4. Insanlyi

Like other cydia sources this subterranean repo includes cracked apps but not in a sizable amount; nonetheless here is the top place where you can find tons of interesting ways to customize your iDevice.

Enter Cydia/APT URL:

5. PwnCenter

No applications, tweaks and themes merely a big group of multimedia files to utilize for your own ringtonesjust make your iPhone sound better.

Input Cydia/APT URL:

6. iHacks

This is an All-in-One repo that handles everything, from themes to ringtones, from cydia layouts to GUIs for SBSettings.

Enter Cydia/APT URL:

7. iCauseFX

Enter Cydia/APT URL:

8. HackYouriPhone

Enter Cydia/APT URL:

9. P0dulo

Input Cydia/APT URL:

10. BiteYourApple

Input Cydia/APT URL:

Fun Cydia Apps to Kill Spare Time

All of us who own an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch are aware of what Cydia download is and how we can take advantage of it. The reason why people choose Cydia download is because we all are inclined to want more from everything. So, while the Apple Store doesnt approve with many apps that we’d like to get, Cydia fulfills our need to get more from our iDevice.

Fun Cydia Apps

Some of us select Cydia download for all those useful Apps that make our life simple by saving lots of time and energy. But, in addition to these, there are also Cydia apps created just for fun. So allow me to give some information to you about the best apps for fun offered by Cydia.

Perhaps you have thought about transforming your iPhone into a mirror? Well, it is time to think about that and actually do it because there is an app that enables you to. I’m talking about MirrorWidget. This Cydia App will add the image of your own camera to the Notification Center. By doing this it’ll look like the mirror. You have to know that it can use both the front and rear cameras of your own device. It sounds interesting, doesnt it?

Lets move forward. Are you currently into Scitech things? Properly if, you are, you are going to fully need to have RecognizeMe 2.0! This amazing Cydia App, the second version of the initial RecognizeMe jailbreak app is really a facial recognizing applications that allows you add an additional layer of safety for your iPhone, besides the 4 digit password that you probably have.

So, not just that it makes you feel like in a movie, however it’s also useful because as I said before, it makes your iPhone safer. You have to have this one!

I bet you already know what, or better said who Siri is. But do you also know about SiriLovesLyrics? Well, if you’re addicted to music, you must definitely have this App. SiriLovesLyrics does a great job locating the words for you. You will definitely love it, specially should you prefer to sing with your favourite tunes.

I gave three examples to you of three excellent Cydia Apps that were created to make our life interesting and simple, however there are more where these came from. For this reason, if you didnt until now, you ought to thoroughly jailbreak your iDevice and get Cydia download as soon as possible! It is really a must!

Cydia Apps to Enhance Notification Center in iPhone

Including all those changes that each iOS brings us, people still want to include more improvements and modifications to their devices. The good thing is the reality that Cydia Download Store is opened for people to find the greatest apps and tweaks.

There are many more applications and tweaks that enable us to change the Notification Center and enhance its utility. You may see how simple everything will be once you have the most important functions right inside your hand.

iPhone Notification

IntelliScreen X has obtained its first position among the most downloaded tweaks for the notification center. With the support of this particular tweak, you may add gadgets and some other important information right within the lock screen or within the Notification Center So, you can add the most used contacts, toggles and even Quick Answer for messaging.

The LockInfo tweak is famed for its utility of adding a lot of new features. It is as the IntelliScreen pretty much the same, but some consumers suggest that it’s more elastic in relation to the last one. Here, you have the ability to include the Quick Reply shortcut, BiteSMS and many other add ons, also with the possibility of changing themes.

The last tweak for customizing the Notification Center may be the famous SBSettings. Since it offers quicker access for all important attributes like the Airplane Mode, Wireless LAN or Bluetooth it’s well used.

Consumers are free to customize the Notification Center as they please. Then Cydia Download Store is available for total use, since Apple does not enable that much independence. Here, you may find whatever you desire, along with the latest Cydia apps uploaded.

Top 5 Best iPhone Apps to Download

With every change that Apple is offering us for the smart products, lots of new apps and tweaks seem. In order to locate wonderful and helpful applications to be able to maintain the most recent changes, customers should search through the app gallery.

iPhone Apps

Here, I want to show my personal recommendations to you for some useful applications to download and install on your own iPhone. Some of these iPhone applications don’t seem to be that crucial, but once you have them and use them, you will see how useful they’re able to turn out to be.

1. Chrome for iPhone has obtained its spot on the finest iPhone apps list. It’s merely Safari with an alternative face. I understand that most of you’re fond of this amazing browser provided by Google, now, you may use it in your iPhone. You will not use something else, when you see its choices.

2. Dropbox is an effective app if you want to hold your documents completely in a single position and obtain them anytime you would like. Once you have sign on your device you can obtain files within the cloud.

3. Find My iPhone is really a new apps, and it still doesn’t have all those followers. I just need to say that it’s a remarkable app because it allows you to really track your telephone. It truly is fantastic particularly for those of you who tend to overlook that in the vehicle or in a friends house. You could even monitor your buddies to the map, with the one state to get this app installed on their devices.

4. Flipboard, specially made for iPad functions is much the best iPhone apps in the available on the marketplace. It seems pretty nice on iPhone, plus it provides us the same benefits. Primarily, this application summarizes all important upgrades and news in your social reports and displays them in a appearance.

5. HootSuite is another social app that allows you to keep all your favorite social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare in a principal interface. It’s fairly at hand to share photos and to see tweets in exactly the same period. The premium variation enables you to access unlimited accounts.

Make your to be iPhone useful and advantageous in the same time with the best iPhone apps accessible in the App Store or in Cydia Store.

Useful Cydia Apps for Your iPad

I know that almost all of you search for apps and tweaks made for iPhone. In case you already jailbroken your iPad, then you absolutely need to begin searching for the finest iPad apps and tweaks. There are loads of them, trust me. All-you have to accomplish is to know where to find them. Thankfully, Cydia has tons of them, but you have to know where you ought to start searching.


Activator tweak works both for iPad and for iPhone. It will pretty much the same thing. It adds gestures as a way to start particular apps and characteristics. The great news is that many Cydia apps are compatible with this awesome app. Its entire motive would be to give us a higher functionality plus availability to the devices.

This will give an extra row to you in the Notification center where you could put your favorite software and tweaks. In the same time, it has an eye-friendly design and it is straightforward to utilize.

Quasar is just a specially constructed iPad tweak, which brings multi-tasking closer to you. In case you run this application, you are going to have the capacity to start and use multiple apps in the same time. It will make everything simpler for you. You’ll have the same experience as using a computer if you are using this app. The only issue with this particular tweak is the proven fact it is fairly expensive for a few pockets.

Full screen on iPad is over helpful. It brings you full screen once you browse or start a specific app. If you double-tap the display, the total screen will begin using.

Greatest iOS 6.1 Cydia Apps and Tweaks

With every jailbreak released for the public, people start searching for great apps and tweaks they can download on their devices. After all, it is the main reason most of us decide to start jailbreak on the devices. We all want Cydia Store available on our devices as a way to download all those great applications and tweaks.

With the offer being so large, it is tough to pick up the best and powerful tweaks and apps. In this situation, if you need to see a number of the greatest iOS 6.1 Cydia apps/tweaks, you’re free to test my modest listing of applications and tweaks.

But, the listing ought to be upgraded day by day because new apps and tweaks carry on showing in the Cydia Store. Unfortunately, not all of them are that useful, and they’re not worthy for download. Keep in mind that you need to start jailbreak on your device first, and then you can go searching for the greatest apps available.

iOS 6.1 Apps

The very first app on my list is the Animer tweak. Personally, I love adding multiple customization effects to my personal files, and this app is only fantastic. You really have the chance to pick from a long list of effects as a way to get the one that suits you better, if you decide to install it in your device. The application is straightforward, but its simplicity is the thing that makes it so unique.

Another interesting application that deserves to take a spot on the best iOS 6.1 Cydia apps and tweaks list is the Auxo tweak. This is a particular tweak, which is appropriate for every one of you who enjoy multitasking. Using this app, you have the possibility to reach the Notification center easily and in precisely the same time, to add as many toggles as you desire to get it even more accessible. It’s going to run in the background, and within precisely the same time, it will show you a screen shot together with the status of the specific app or characteristic. In this manner, you will know where you left it without launching it once again.

The record of tweaks and greatest Cydia apps continues using the Switchy. Another app multitasking and switcher app, this app obtained it set in the top Cydia apps / because it offers you the capability to clear all applications with a single tap tweaks. For those of you who keep on forgetting to close each app at the same time, this app will grow to be just terrific. To the other hand, in the event that you still forget to clear all applications, the application lets you to keep only two rows of icons.

Obtaining Newsstand turns out to become one of the best Cydia applications and tweaks based on users. This simple app does precisely what the name implies. It’s going to permit you to obtain your personal files inside the Newsstand service. In this manner, you should get a quicker entry, and you may find all your downloaded files easier without looking at your device.

Now, I wish to reason my list of the best Cydia applications and tweaks by presenting you the Bulletin app. This will assist you to keep in touch with news and notifications from the comfort of the Unlock mode. In this manner, you won’t have to unlock your device to view a Facebook or even a Twitter telling.

I am sure that you all have some extra apps and tweaks that you need to say in the greatest iOS 6.1 Cydia apps/tweaks. Produce your own list of applications and tweaks and see what is useful for your own needs.

Get Free WiFi with These Cydia Apps

As you probably know, jail-breaking is the sole chance where users have the ability to enhance the performance degree of these gadgets. Within Cydia download Store, the third-party retailer that comes with jailbreaking, people may find multiple great applications, tweaks, themes, extensions or wallpapers.

WiFi FinderCydia apps are excellent for utility, increased functionality, customization and operation. Within this respect, I need to show you some fantastic Cydia apps that may enable you to find free internet wireless connections. I understand that, with all those unsatisfying insurance company plans, folks want more internet connection data. However since the majority of the Wi-Fi networks are password-protected, it is difficult to track down a complimentary one.

WiFi@ is an application that enables you to search the closest available Wi-Fi within a few minutes. In the exact same time, it scans your LAN, and it will discover new devices in the exact same network. The app is pretty useful because it offers you complete details regarding the IP-ADDRESS, device brand and several other useful details.

A good thing about this Cydia app is the fact it covers more than 250, 000 free and paid Wi-Fi locations worldwide. A good thing is the fact that the application is totally free.

The second useful Cydia app that will gel you find free Wi-Fi is the Wi-Fi Finder. Because the title suggest, the app is looks for free or paid Wi-Fi hotspots. The app works fairly quickly, and it can find you a free hot-spot nearby in a matter of seconds. Likewise, you may download your favourite place so you could see it afterwards when you’re offline.

Wi-Fi Finder uses GPS to guide you with the exact position of the free Wi-Fi connection. The application can filter the locations for you by suggesting those that are cafes, clubs or something different, if you want to get a deeper search. Since the preceding one, Wi-Fi Finder is free for download.

Within the final part, Skype Wi – Fi is the app in my own listing. As the title indicates, the application is part of Skype, which is really one of the best WiFi finder Cydia apps. The great thing with Skype WiFi is the proven fact that it reduces your data roaming price to a great extent. In the same time, it searches out all Wi-Fi hotspots accessible at bars, cafes, airports and more.

All you need it to tap the connection you intend to get and then you’re prepared to browse the net, Facebook or Twitter as you please. At this time, the application handles over one million hotspots worldwide and there aren’t any limits on the quantity of information you upload or download. Again, Skype Wi-Fi may be found within Cydia download shop and it free of charge.

Top 3 Most Expensive Jailbroken Apps, Worth it?

When customers think about Cydia download Shop, think about free apps, tweaks and more that will download on their iOS devices. Once you can find so many wonderful free apps within Cydia free download shop, think about the ones

As you probably know, Cydia offers free and paid apps. The ones are simply gold mines, while the complimentary ones can turn into more than helpful. In the exact same time, their costs are even lower in comparison to the people you will find within the Apples App Store. Now, I need to show you a few of the very costly jailbreak apps on Cydia, and also you need to decide if they worth the price or not.

Zephyr App

1. Zephyr is really a well-known Cydia application that most iOS owners choose to jailbreak their devices. The app encourages multi-tasking and it minimizes the usage of the single button in the while preserving lots of time. This implies that for changing from one application to some other, you do not need to twice press the button, however just to swipe in the display.

You can assign several other useful gestures on your most-used apps. In this way, you may save so much time while looking at your system. Just in case this application has caught your attention, and you need to purchase it, it may be found within Cydia download shop for the cost of $4.99.

2. The 2nd expensive Cydia app I need to say is the well known BiteSMS app. I am convinced that those who are lovers of text messaging already know this incredible application. This Cydia app is going to make your messaging experience even quicker and enjoyable.

It is just one of the very expensive iPhone Cydia applications, in the same time, it supplies you many new facilities and characteristics. Now, with BiteSMS you can compose, car forward, request delivery report, include simple smiley, signature, templates and much. Using this app, you could also send pictures via an SMS in a method. Should you be interested in purchasing BiteSMS Cydia app, you will find it within Cydia store for $8.99.

3. The last Cydia app in my top expensive Cydia applications list is the IntelliscreenX. Another renowned Cydia app, IntelliscreenX provides the chance to users to enhance the overall experience of the personal smart devices. With the assistance of this amazing tweak, users can send and receive mails, place Facebook and Twitter pages, check news feed right and RSS feed in the lock screen.

In the exact same time, consumers can request information system, like brightness control, or enabling the WLAN. Since I mentioned, this Cydia app might seem a bit pricey for those of you because it costs $9.99, but when you install it in your iPhone, you may see how useful can turn out to be.

Cydia Apps to Enhance Notification Center in iDevice

With all those changes that each iOS provides us, individuals still wish to add more enhancements and modifications to their own devices. The great thing is the truth that Cydia Download Store is opened for us to locate the finest apps and tweaks.

There are several more apps and tweaks that enable us to improve its utility and change the Notification Center. You may see how simple everything will be once you have the most important functions right inside your hand.


IntelliScreenX has obtained its first place among the most downloaded tweaks for the notification center. With the aid of this particular tweak, you may add gadgets and any other important information right within the lock screen or within the Notification Center So, you may add the toggles, most used contacts and also Fast Response for messaging.

The LockInfo tweak is famed for the utility of adding lots of new features. It is as the IntelliScreenX pretty much the same, but some consumers suggest that it’s more adaptable in relation to the previous one. Here, you are able to include the Quick Reply shortcut, BiteSMS and a number of other add-ons, also with the chance of changing themes.

The last tweak for customizing the Notification Center may be the renowned SBSettings. It is well-used because it provides faster access for several significant characteristics such as the Airplane Mode, WLAN or Bluetooth.

Users are free to personalize the Notification Center as they please. Then Cydia Download Store is available for full use, because Apple does not let that much independence. Here, you are going to find anything you desire, along with the newest Cydia apps uploaded.