Useful Cydia Apps for Your iPad

I know that almost all of you search for apps and tweaks made for iPhone. In case you already jailbroken your iPad, then you absolutely need to begin searching for the finest iPad apps and tweaks. There are loads of them, trust me. All-you have to accomplish is to know where to find them. Thankfully, Cydia has tons of them, but you have to know where you ought to start searching.


Activator tweak works both for iPad and for iPhone. It will pretty much the same thing. It adds gestures as a way to start particular apps and characteristics. The great news is that many Cydia apps are compatible with this awesome app. Its entire motive would be to give us a higher functionality plus availability to the devices.

This will give an extra row to you in the Notification center where you could put your favorite software and tweaks. In the same time, it has an eye-friendly design and it is straightforward to utilize.

Quasar is just a specially constructed iPad tweak, which brings multi-tasking closer to you. In case you run this application, you are going to have the capacity to start and use multiple apps in the same time. It will make everything simpler for you. You’ll have the same experience as using a computer if you are using this app. The only issue with this particular tweak is the proven fact it is fairly expensive for a few pockets.

Full screen on iPad is over helpful. It brings you full screen once you browse or start a specific app. If you double-tap the display, the total screen will begin using.