Fun Cydia Apps to Kill Spare Time

All of us who own an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch are aware of what Cydia download is and how we can take advantage of it. The reason why people choose Cydia download is because we all are inclined to want more from everything. So, while the Apple Store doesnt approve with many apps that we’d like to get, Cydia fulfills our need to get more from our iDevice.

Fun Cydia Apps

Some of us select Cydia download for all those useful Apps that make our life simple by saving lots of time and energy. But, in addition to these, there are also Cydia apps created just for fun. So allow me to give some information to you about the best apps for fun offered by Cydia.

Perhaps you have thought about transforming your iPhone into a mirror? Well, it is time to think about that and actually do it because there is an app that enables you to. I’m talking about MirrorWidget. This Cydia App will add the image of your own camera to the Notification Center. By doing this it’ll look like the mirror. You have to know that it can use both the front and rear cameras of your own device. It sounds interesting, doesnt it?

Lets move forward. Are you currently into Scitech things? Properly if, you are, you are going to fully need to have RecognizeMe 2.0! This amazing Cydia App, the second version of the initial RecognizeMe jailbreak app is really a facial recognizing applications that allows you add an additional layer of safety for your iPhone, besides the 4 digit password that you probably have.

So, not just that it makes you feel like in a movie, however it’s also useful because as I said before, it makes your iPhone safer. You have to have this one!

I bet you already know what, or better said who Siri is. But do you also know about SiriLovesLyrics? Well, if you’re addicted to music, you must definitely have this App. SiriLovesLyrics does a great job locating the words for you. You will definitely love it, specially should you prefer to sing with your favourite tunes.

I gave three examples to you of three excellent Cydia Apps that were created to make our life interesting and simple, however there are more where these came from. For this reason, if you didnt until now, you ought to thoroughly jailbreak your iDevice and get Cydia download as soon as possible! It is really a must!