Cydia Apps to Enhance Notification Center in iPhone

Including all those changes that each iOS brings us, people still want to include more improvements and modifications to their devices. The good thing is the reality that Cydia Download Store is opened for people to find the greatest apps and tweaks.

There are many more applications and tweaks that enable us to change the Notification Center and enhance its utility. You may see how simple everything will be once you have the most important functions right inside your hand.

iPhone Notification

IntelliScreen X has obtained its first position among the most downloaded tweaks for the notification center. With the support of this particular tweak, you may add gadgets and some other important information right within the lock screen or within the Notification Center So, you can add the most used contacts, toggles and even Quick Answer for messaging.

The LockInfo tweak is famed for its utility of adding a lot of new features. It is as the IntelliScreen pretty much the same, but some consumers suggest that it’s more elastic in relation to the last one. Here, you have the ability to include the Quick Reply shortcut, BiteSMS and many other add ons, also with the possibility of changing themes.

The last tweak for customizing the Notification Center may be the famous SBSettings. Since it offers quicker access for all important attributes like the Airplane Mode, Wireless LAN or Bluetooth it’s well used.

Consumers are free to customize the Notification Center as they please. Then Cydia Download Store is available for total use, since Apple does not enable that much independence. Here, you may find whatever you desire, along with the latest Cydia apps uploaded.