Top 10 Best Cydia Apps 2013

Occasionally it may be quite so frustrating whenever you attempt to locate a great listing of apps. You will undoubtedly find listings of so-called top-10 cydia apps and tweaks altogether cramped in a single list if you’re that sort of man who loves to-do a bit of research.

Many of those listings forget to point that’s which. So to shed some light on this particular matter will begin my record of the finest cydia apps. You’ll find this post useful if you’re new within the jailbreak community.

With this said let’s start presenting my list.

Terminal – If you also wish to run some specific commands and need to obtain root files this is actually the ideal remedy.

Kill History – how will you kill all running applications fast from switcher, well this application does the job completely.


iFile – is among the most existing applications in several listings, for people who don’t understand what it does, well it’s a file manager and one which is necessary to fill this opening.

Predict – a characteristic that each iDevice lacks. This application enables you to catch on the newest weather forecast right in the lock display.


WinterBoard – delete themes and wallpapers, if should add a bit of colour to your own interface or alter the look of the UI WinterBoard will allow you to add, customize, edit.

BiteSMS – 1 of the finest texting app I’d laid my hands, it enables you to replay and compose effortlessly from anywhere.

Ad-blocker – Everyone get annoyed by advertising so to eliminate them, use this application. It works flawlessly in Safari.

Bytafont – New font new meaning? No, it only enables you to change the font of the system. It got a tremendous number of typefaces to pick.

Springtomize 2 – it enables you to customize every part of you iDevice from capacities, animations, lockscreen to icons, folders, application switcher and a whole lot more.

NCsettings – in some ways similar to SBSettings, NCsettings provides a row of toggles within the notification bar. These toggles could be configured from Settings in your iDevice.

I am hoping you enjoyed this collection of the finest cydia applications, stay tuned for more.

Download Free Cydia Apps

Jailbreaking opens a brand new dimension for most users. With it, you have access a plethora of great applications, tweaks and programs. Through jailbreaking, individuals not merely open a path for various options, but at the same time, they all receive as a terrific system Cydia Store for downloading useful apps. Cydia is an alternative for the renowned App Store, which offers a huge number of applications, apps and useful tweaks.

If you would like to download the greatest Cydia apps on your own devices, you are required to understand just how to use Cydia download. Cydia itself is not that difficult to use. All you need to accomplish would be to found the application and await it to initialize its packages.

Free Cydia AppsBy means of this process, Cydia will allow access to you to some default sources. These sources include different apps and tweaks. You are free to include as much as you need, when you can’t find a specific app on a particular source.

In the Sources tab, users have the choice of adding a fresh source. Using the URL, everybody can add any kind of source he/she wants. It’s that straightforward. Then, with a plain search, you’ll be able to find practical Cydia apps and tweaks to download.

These free Cydia apps are pretty useful. When several Cydia tweaks are free of charge, other apps are payable. For this, you have several payment methods.

In short, allow me to tell you what you’ll find on Cydia. Firstly, there are thousands of useful apps and tweaks to download. Many of them are removed from the App Store but others have not passed the system. In the exact same time, in the event that you look carefully, you’re going to manage to find many App Store applications totally free on Cydia download.