Battery-Saving Tweaks for iPhone

iPad Battery TweaksAs the amount of units offered in the entire human race might indicate the iPhone is a wonderful device. Nevertheless, when we have numerous useful apps, and tweaks to install on our products, it’s pretty hard not to notice the short battery life. Then you probably wonder which are the finest battery saving tweaks for the iPhone, in the event you already jailbroke your device.

Here, you might have a few of the very useful battery saving tweaks from Cydia Store, which are meant to make you prolong the battery life of your device. Still, when downloading and installing this amazing Cydia tweaks on your device, you shouldn’t expect an outstanding advancement. These tweaks are meant to get your gadget last more, nevertheless they cannot do wonders.

The iControl Cydia tweak is amazing because it manages the WiFi, Bluetooth, 2G radio and many more attributes in order to stop battery drainage. In this way, once you aren’t using any of the characteristics, the Cydia tweak will automatically turn them away. In this manner, you are going to save substantially more battery life than you anticipate. If you want to download iControl tweak, you need to pay $4.99.

To the flip side, the BattSaver tweak turn-off all unused program as a way to keep them from running within the background. Users admit this particular tweak raises the battery life two-times than its normal time. Should you be willing to pay $2.99 on BattSaver, then you will find out how useful this tweak actually is.

Among the most fascinating Cydia apps in regards to the battery drainage element is the Car 3G. Once you lock your phone as a way to draw out its battery life All apps are turned off by this simple tweak. In this, way, if you are not using your device for a few hours, you will understand that there is still some battery life when you really need it. Sadly, this tweak is just a little bit pricey. It costs $5.99, and it truly can be seen inside the BigBoss repo.

There are other useful tweaks, which allow you to monitor the battery level, while you search for battery tweaks to prolong the battery life of the device. BatteryPeek tweak reveals you exactly how much battery life-your system has. So you will not need to check each time to it you want to know the percentage of the battery will undoubtedly be shown in the status bar.

The battery drainage is just one of the greatest issues iPhone users experience using their intelligent devices. Still, when we need a device with all those features and options, then it is difficult to require an extended battery life also. I expect these Cydia tweaks will offer you precisely what you’re seeking. Recall that a simple Cydia download will get you amazing, and useful applications to install on your device.

Most Useful iPhone 5 Jailbreak Cydia Tweaks 2013

Bulletin AppNow, together with the launch of the well-awaited Evasion, the untethered jailbreak program, users throughout the world started to jailbreak their devices to be able to obtain the finest apps and tweaks for them. Fortunately, programmers were rather active in upgrading all their apps and tweaks for the new iOS 6.1, and now, we’re able to download any app we need. However, in case you still do not understand what you may enjoy using in your device, then, I’d like you to provide you this brief top 5 best iPhone 5 Cydia tweaks.

If you’re ready to set your system back at work, you’re free to test and see if you love using at least one of the apps. The list was fulfilled in accordance with my private thoughts and demands, but you really can feel free to add other impressive and useful apps in this listing. Before determining which app suits you better, you should certainly start untethered jailbreak first.

The very first-place in my own list is held by the App Locker. If you consider its effect it is a simple but successful app. It allows users to put a passcode shielding the apps, so when you unlock your system, you are going to have the capacity to flick through it, yet at the moment you will want to establish any app, you’re going to be required to enter the passcode.

This will surely allow you to keep your device personal from eyes. The next important app I want to mention is actually a classic application. Zeppelin was updated, and it is now appropriate for jailbreak 5. It is truly one of the best iPhone 5 jailbreak tweaks for customization as it allows users to alter the carrier symbol, the icon text and many more issues. Since I told you, it really is easy, easy but successful in the same time.

Bulletin is another notable app I love. So that you should certainly try it out it is useful and successful. Primarily, this app lets you to truly see you notifications from the Unlock mode. In this manner, you will not need to unlock your device in order to view a spam on Facebook or Tweeter.

You will realize that his app it’s worth downloading it. Pace changes the comprehension for you, on the other hand. It gives you the chance to add a layout as an unlock condition. When you need to unlock your system, you’re going to be compelled to enter the correct design. This app is terrific for changing the boring and old unlock program from you gadget.

In the final part, I wish to conclude by showing you a way in which you are going to manage to shoot quick photos, in less time with less energy. With InstantSnap, among the greatest jailbreak tweaks available in the event that you ask me, you will have the ability to record photographs only by tapping the Tap to Snap-button. It’s that easy and powerful. In the exact same time, you’ll have the ability to share your photos with other much easier.

There are several other useful Cydia apps and tweaks, but you will have to find them one by one. I hope you discovered my short top 5 greatest iPhone 5 Cydia tweaks fairly fascinating. Don’t hesitate to show us your own personal best jailbreak tweaks from Cydia Store. Begin untethered jailbreak in your device and love the freedom and multiple possibilities.

iFile Jailbreak Tweak Reviews

There are many practical Cydia apps available in the Cydia Store that it is difficult to find out their purposes and to understand them all. Within the default Cydia sources you are able to find practically anything you want, but should you choose to add even more repos to your Cydia Sources list, then the chances to seek out something even more useful will unquestionably increase.

Cydia iFile

A few of you have already heard about its utility and iFile. Now, I want to show you some clear aspects of the amazing jailbreak tweak. You will learn hat you are able to accomplish with the aid of iFile and with its impressive capacities.

The most crucial feature offered by iFile is the chance to browse within the operating system. You can create, delete, reproduce, paste or zip multiple files or directories, even all at ones. In the same time, you can rename each one of the private files while editing text files or HTML files.

Secondly, you’ve got total integration with DropBox in order to copy or move the main files within your iDevice. Other important characteristic is the chance to transfer files via Bluetooth, Celeste or AirBlue Sharing to any other iDevice using the tweak. The integrated Web server feature for download and upload files offers the capability as Network drive to be able to save your most important files in a secure area to use iFile.

The iFile offers more than simply the capability of viewing files in your operating system structure. You can install.deb packages without using Cydia or the App Store. As you know, when using Safari as a way to install third party apps, an error is encountered by the device. With the assistance of iFile, you can go install any app you desire and pass that error.

In the transport aspect, an extra point is got by iFile. Consumers can transfer files using their Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. There isn’t any need for the USB cable no more. However this process is possible only between two iPhones using iFile.

IFile is an indispensable tweak for most of you, as you might see. It is among the most useful Cydia apps since it represents a straightforward file manager, which everybody can use. For those of you who are considering installing iFile on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, let me tell you that there is not have to add alternate Cydia Sources. With a simple Cydia download from the default BigBoss source, you can purchase iFile for only $4.00. Download and install iFile on your device and begin a brand new limitless experience.

Barrel Cydia Tweak Full Review

Customization of the Apple products represents the chief reasons why people decide to jailbreak their products. Through jailbreak, they gain access and complete control on the operating system and other banned files. Within this regard, jailbreaking combined with the right Cydia apps provides limitless choices for customisation, increasing operation and accessibility.

In what concerns the facet and customisation, we’ve got the Winterboard tweak which permits us to change icons, themes and a lot of other aspects related to the look of our devices. In exactly the same time, there are many other useful tweaks you are able to check out as a way to personalize each facet of your iDevice.

Barrel Cydia Tweak

Now, customers can adjust the lock display, icons or to incorporate various widgets to their own home screen. However, within this article, I what to show you a few things related to Barrel. The Barrel tweak is one of the most famines Cydia applications for customization.

Barrel is an amazing springboard tweak created by Arron Request, which adds great 3D page transition effects for the springboard. All you have to accomplish would be to search for it and also to go to Cydia Store, if you prefer to enjoy the benefits of the impressive tweak. I must mention the fact that Barrel is actually a paid Cydia app, and it costs $2.99 in the Big Boss Repository. Luckily, it really is suitable for any iOS version, and it really can be utilized on the newest iOS 6 released.

After you install Barrel in your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you will not have the ability to view the icon. But in case you-go to Options tab, you are going to be able to change the effect, transition and the manner Springboard pages move from one to another.

Here, you hold a summary of results available to choose from. Whenever you change from one display to another in your Springboard, Barrel will include some awesome effects that make your Springboard searching more satisfying.

The best means to see how Barrel acts in your device, would be to install the tweak. Just in this manner, you will notice the results Barrel shows when you swipe back and forth inside the Springboard pages.

Like I mentioned previously, Barrel can be found in Cydia Store for only $2.99. You can look for this in default Cydia sources, of you can add alternate sources as a way to get access to a greater amount of tweaks and impressive Cydia apps.

Display Recorder Cydia Tweak Review

Cydia download store is the greatest spot to locate all these practical Cydia apps and tweaks which make your iOS encounter simpler than before and far better, as all jailbreakers understand. On Cydia shop, folks may locate several thirdparty applications, tweaks, themes, extensions or games.

Ryan Petrich, the developer of numerous Cydia applications including ProSwitcher, Inspell or Activity Menu, is the originator of the astonishing Cydia app called Display Recorder. As its title states, Show Recorder enables users to get highquality videos of the iPhone or iPad’s screen.

Display Recorder

All movies recorded with Show Recorder have been in.avi format. Within once, the program offers multiple attributes and options for customizations. Customers can readily adjust portrait or landscape orientation, command the grade of the movie recorded to low, moderate or high and also to adjust the frame-rate up-to 24 frames-per second.

Show Recorder includes other intriguing alternatives. For instance, users can certainly print recorded videos directly to within the application. In exactly the same time, they are easily able to search through recorded movies from the PC browser utilizing the integrated web-server. Furthermore, customers possess the chance to correct all these choices right in the Display Recorder tab in Options or within the program itself.

Activator compatibility is offered by Display Recorder, because it was mentioned before. Which means customers may pick the inclination and quality, setup custom activation gestures via Activator tweak, empower taps and correct the frame rate. It’s that straightforward. For example, shaking your iDevice or swiping in from the base of the display can toggle recording on or off.

In the exact same time, for people who desire to utilize the attribute associated to the PC web browser, exclusively by enabling the Web Server option offered in the end of the program interface can enable you access to handle your recorded movies. You can see each of the videos you’ve recorded as a live-view of the iPhone’s display as well as take a screenshot. All these fantastic choices are available only if your pc as well as your system share the same Wi – Fi network.

The professionals with this practical Cydia app stand for an evidence for the utility. To be able to customize videos it provides many handy functions. To the flip side, customers have recognized the disadvantages. Show Recorder records only movies in avi format, which isn’t supported in iOS, and it really does not record sound.

For individuals who wish to try Show Recorder, the application could be located inside the BigBoss repo, among Cydia’s default resources and it costs $4.99. Have a look at several other interesting free Cydia apps and tweaks and enrich your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

AppLocker Tweak – Password Lock Apps for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

There are various password protection apps and features available. However, AppLocker could be regarded as one the finest Cydia applications in this regard. As you likely know, users want to keep their things private and secure from eyes.

Everyone has some private things on their phones they want to keep them private. In this regard, the top alternative for this particular problem is the AppLocker Cydia tweak.


AppLocker is an application, which allows password protection to any application on your iPhone. That is recommended for system applications such as Mail app, Messages app, Pictures and Gallery, in addition to other third party Cydia apps.

When one of the previously mentioned applications is touched to open, a popup window will appear which asks for your designated password. As the wrong password forbids the access entering the right password will allow access to the specific applications.

A brand new panel will be within customization options will be offered by the Settings app, which in order to control the program, after customers install AppLocker on their products. Here, customers can set passwords, select programs which ought to be protected and much more.

The AppLocker tweak gives other great features such as Session Locking. Which means that once you’ve unlocked a specific application, everything else gets unlocked and relocked just following the device is locked. When you want to access several applications simultaneously in the event that you as me, this is fairly convenient especially. Typing your lock password every time for every single app can turn into uneasy.

Another interesting feature offered by the AppLocker will be the Lock from Jiggle Mode option. This means that whenever you edit applications in jiggle mode, you can directly toggle AppLocker on programs. This procedure is done by touching the lithe lock n the corner of the respective icon in mode.

Recently, AppLocker was updated, also it shows the chance to lock entire folders, also. This attribute is incredible since you are able to put your personal applications all-in one folder and immediately lock it.

AppLocker can be located within the ModMyi Repo in Cydia Shop cost-free. The updated version contains complete support for minor enhancement, iOS 6 and assorted bug fixes. Within the same time, AppLocker provides Auxo compatibility.

Must-Have Cydia Siri Tweaks and Add-ons

When Siri was first launched along with the launch of iPhone 4S, many users with older products were slightly jealous. However since the personal voice assistant was only available for iPhone 4S at that time and now on iPhone 5, individuals owning iPhone 4 or iPhone 3S were left a little bit aside.

Now, with the aid of Cydia download shop, Siri personal assistant can be ported on any iPhone. Furthermore, Cydia store will help users raise Siris functionality with the addition of multiple new features and options. Here, I want to show you some must have Siri Cydia tweaks that can enable you to make the most more of the personal assistant.


1. AssistantExtensions

The first Siri help that I need to mention is the AssistantExtensions. This add-in provides a platform to developers to enhance Siris capabilities through thirdparty add-ons. While the tweak offers consumers the possibility to add and apply new add-ons on Siri, the platform includes a few built – in plug-ins. These contain a chat bot that makes Siri more open to informal chitchat that typical. In the same time, customers will receive videos from YouTube. When saying & # 34; Search Keyword on YouTube, & # 34; Siri will search down the video for you.

2. SiriToggles

In the other hand, Siri Toggles is a Siri-augmentation tweak that adds numerous new commands for enabling or disabling specific system settings such as WLAN, luminosity, battery level, or even starting stock software and thirdparty apps. You are going to see how once you’ve SiriToggles installed useful will Siri turn into.

3. AssistantExtensions Add-on

The final Cydia tweak that I want to mention is really an add-on. It’s a free AssistantExtensions addon that allows you use Siri as a way to interpret English phrases in over 30 different languages. The process is rather straightforward. You launch Siri, say the phrase you’re interested in translating and Siri will display the translation together with the original phrase.

Natively, the personal assistant is capable of translation simply single words in several languages. With AssistantExtensions addon, you’re going to be able to chat with a tourist through Siri.

It’s worth mentioning the reality that when you do not have AssistantExtensions platform installed on your own device, when you elect to put in the accessory, the platform to improve Siri-s capacities will likely be installed along with the accessory. Browse Cydia download store for all useful free Cydia apps, tweaks or extensions.

4 Must-Have Cydia Tweaks for Your iOS Devices

At the same time with Evasion jailbreak released, people started jailbreaking their devices. Through jailbreaking, it is simpler for users to take advantage of their Apple products in another method. As everyone probably knows, Apple bans access to many of its operating system files in addition to many customization aspects.

Then jailbreaking, if you want in order to use your system in another method while adding some personal components, and Cydia download store is precisely what you really need. Cydia can provide us boundless options for layout, look and customization while increasing utility, efficiency and functionality. Check out the following four essential Cydia tweaks and you may change your iOS encounter entirely.

Auxo Tweak

Auxo tweak offers a completely new facet to the Application Switcher. It enables you to truly alter the way in which apps are presented in the Application Switcher. In the same period, Auxo gives a better experience to you for those of you who love listening music. You’ll see audio controls with the option of changing the volume or entering into the fullscreen mode, if you swipe left within the App Switcher. Moreover, Auxo provides access to options such as Wireless LAN, 3G data and even more.

Another helpful Cydia tweak that will be worth downloading after jailbreak is Zephyr. This Cydia tweak enhances your productivity while making it easier that you cope with your system. Using Zephyr, you can open apps faster, close them quickly, and more. Primarily, Zephyr lets you to really launch different apps by using particular shortcuts. The third app I want to add to my listing of tweaks and essential Cydia apps is Springtomize 2. I am confident that most of you already understand the benefits that this phenomenal app offers.

Springtomize 2 enables you to really take customization to a different degree. You can change everything such as pier, animation, lock display, icons, folders and even more. In reality, Springtomize is a group of applications come up with in a single package.

The final Cydia tweak I want to add is PkgBackup App. In fact, this app isn’t related to customization since the preceding three Cydia apps and tweaks. PkgBackup App is the best app for backing up all Cydia programs, themes, apps, tweaks and resources so that you can’t lose anything after restore. When you know, it takes time to find and install all your essential Cydia apps after an upgrade or perhaps a restore. With PkgBackup, you will have all your important data saved in a secure place.

Best Cydia LockScreen Themes for Your iPhone

Jailbreaking an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch could be regarded as an important decision. After all, it is the procedure by which users enable alternatives and multiple alternative characteristics within their iOS devices. With the assistance of jailbreaking, users gain full access and liberty over Apple bounds.

But, the primary reason why most of the people choose to jailbreak their devices is the ton of themes, tweaks and applications that Cydia download shop is offering. However, besides the usefulness that tweaks and Cydia applications bring, customers have the possibility to customize their products fully. You will find themes, wallpapers and customization tweaks available that can enable you to transform your system entirely. Here, I need to mention you a few of the best reviewed themes for the lockscreen accessible within Cydia download store.

Lockscreen Widget

Inspired is a moving circle hands on the outside and also an astounding lockscreen theme, which features a clock with day and month in the inside. It’s rather appealing simplistic if you want my opinion. For downloading this theme, all-you must do will be to visit Cydia shop and browse for Inspired theme.

The second intriguing lockscreen theme I want to inform you is the Simplicity theme. As the particular name points out, a minimalistic style is offered by this simple lockscreen theme with an intelligent artistic design. In precisely the same time, the theme features time and clock widgets, which you are able to personalize as you please. The theme is suitable for iPhone and iPod touch within the same period. Furthermore, is free for download.

The Analog Prediction Lockscreen is a topic including analog clock widget and climate. At the very first sight, it exhibits a distinctive minimalistic design, however it is functional and exquisite. It offers a clear view upon the lockscreen screen. As the Analog Prediction Lockscreen is free, the preceding two themes.

Installing a Cydia theme is a pretty simple procedure. All you have to do is to download it, locate the topic and install it from Cydia Store. It is worth mentioning the fact that before downloading and installing these Cydia themes, you should install Winterboard first. Only with the help of Winterboard, you can proceed with customization of your device. The store has plenty of useful free Cydia apps and tweaks to give. All you have to do would be to spend some time to browse all it provides.

Best Siri Cydia Tweaks and Add-ons 2013

Siri represented the primary attraction, when iPhone 4S was initially launched out there. The voice-recognition helper was first introduces, and it was s novelty among similar attributes. Siri could research places, to see the net, write e-mail and messages. Primarily, Siri was able to performing all the effort for you.

Siri Tweaks

Now, with the assistance of Cydia and Siri download, the personal assistant can-do much more. There are numerous Cydia applications and tweaks that may transform Siri into a strong helper that may create Fb status, allow specific attributes or establishing different applications. Now I need to demonstrate some helpful Cydia tweaks and applications that may enhance your experience with Siri, the personal assistant.

1. Custom SiriBackground

Custom SiriBackground, it is possible to change that, as you please, with whenever you’re feeling like you’re tired of seeing the same kind of Siri history. Every Now And Then, the look might become overwhelming, along with a change will undoubtedly be welcomed. This tweak lets you to really take any graphic you desire from your own gallery and place it as Siri backdrop. It’s that easy to create some life on Siri support.

2. SiriToggles

This special jailbreak tweak collects the finest characteristics and instructions for Siri in the same area. With SiriToggles and Siri, you can fix brightness, assess the battery level, disable or enable particular system configurations or even establishing several thirdparty software. When you’re able to turn-off or on WiFi, Bluetooth or radio, everything will be easier.

3. Sireet and TweetLine

Both of these jailbreak tweaks will enable you to really stay in contact with the newest changes inside your favourite internet sites with the assistance of Siri. The very first tweak will give the chance to you to order tweets to Siri and Sireet will do the rest of the occupation. Now, you can tweet whenever you’re driving, cooking or just doing something different before touching your system.

TweetLine will offer the opportunity to you to see the past five tweets from your own news-feed. Save time and energy while keeping connected with your friend’s action. For all people who love using their social platforms on a normal basis, you then want TweetLine and Sireet.

Have a look at other useful free Cydia apps and tweaks and alter your iPhone entirely. It’s a pity not to benefit from these, once we have numerous alternatives available. Cydia download shop is the area where it’s possible to find just what you want, provided that you know where to find it.