Barrel Cydia Tweak Full Review

Customization of the Apple products represents the chief reasons why people decide to jailbreak their products. Through jailbreak, they gain access and complete control on the operating system and other banned files. Within this regard, jailbreaking combined with the right Cydia apps provides limitless choices for customisation, increasing operation and accessibility.

In what concerns the facet and customisation, we’ve got the Winterboard tweak which permits us to change icons, themes and a lot of other aspects related to the look of our devices. In exactly the same time, there are many other useful tweaks you are able to check out as a way to personalize each facet of your iDevice.

Barrel Cydia Tweak

Now, customers can adjust the lock display, icons or to incorporate various widgets to their own home screen. However, within this article, I what to show you a few things related to Barrel. The Barrel tweak is one of the most famines Cydia applications for customization.

Barrel is an amazing springboard tweak created by Arron Request, which adds great 3D page transition effects for the springboard. All you have to accomplish would be to search for it and also to go to Cydia Store, if you prefer to enjoy the benefits of the impressive tweak. I must mention the fact that Barrel is actually a paid Cydia app, and it costs $2.99 in the Big Boss Repository. Luckily, it really is suitable for any iOS version, and it really can be utilized on the newest iOS 6 released.

After you install Barrel in your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you will not have the ability to view the icon. But in case you-go to Options tab, you are going to be able to change the effect, transition and the manner Springboard pages move from one to another.

Here, you hold a summary of results available to choose from. Whenever you change from one display to another in your Springboard, Barrel will include some awesome effects that make your Springboard searching more satisfying.

The best means to see how Barrel acts in your device, would be to install the tweak. Just in this manner, you will notice the results Barrel shows when you swipe back and forth inside the Springboard pages.

Like I mentioned previously, Barrel can be found in Cydia Store for only $2.99. You can look for this in default Cydia sources, of you can add alternate sources as a way to get access to a greater amount of tweaks and impressive Cydia apps.