Must-Have Cydia Siri Tweaks and Add-ons

When Siri was first launched along with the launch of iPhone 4S, many users with older products were slightly jealous. However since the personal voice assistant was only available for iPhone 4S at that time and now on iPhone 5, individuals owning iPhone 4 or iPhone 3S were left a little bit aside.

Now, with the aid of Cydia download shop, Siri personal assistant can be ported on any iPhone. Furthermore, Cydia store will help users raise Siris functionality with the addition of multiple new features and options. Here, I want to show you some must have Siri Cydia tweaks that can enable you to make the most more of the personal assistant.


1. AssistantExtensions

The first Siri help that I need to mention is the AssistantExtensions. This add-in provides a platform to developers to enhance Siris capabilities through thirdparty add-ons. While the tweak offers consumers the possibility to add and apply new add-ons on Siri, the platform includes a few built – in plug-ins. These contain a chat bot that makes Siri more open to informal chitchat that typical. In the same time, customers will receive videos from YouTube. When saying & # 34; Search Keyword on YouTube, & # 34; Siri will search down the video for you.

2. SiriToggles

In the other hand, Siri Toggles is a Siri-augmentation tweak that adds numerous new commands for enabling or disabling specific system settings such as WLAN, luminosity, battery level, or even starting stock software and thirdparty apps. You are going to see how once you’ve SiriToggles installed useful will Siri turn into.

3. AssistantExtensions Add-on

The final Cydia tweak that I want to mention is really an add-on. It’s a free AssistantExtensions addon that allows you use Siri as a way to interpret English phrases in over 30 different languages. The process is rather straightforward. You launch Siri, say the phrase you’re interested in translating and Siri will display the translation together with the original phrase.

Natively, the personal assistant is capable of translation simply single words in several languages. With AssistantExtensions addon, you’re going to be able to chat with a tourist through Siri.

It’s worth mentioning the reality that when you do not have AssistantExtensions platform installed on your own device, when you elect to put in the accessory, the platform to improve Siri-s capacities will likely be installed along with the accessory. Browse Cydia download store for all useful free Cydia apps, tweaks or extensions.