MyWi Tweak to Tether iOS Devices

MyWi TetheringOthers don’t approve this type of thing, when there are several carriers who provide the chance to tether your device. For all people who don’t understand what tethering means, allow me to clear things up slightly. Tethering signifies the complete process of sharing your internet connection with a different device.

The most certain is the fact that you need to make use of it upon your iPad too, if there is a data strategy paid for the iPhone. This really is suitable and useful within the exact same period. Then you need to make use of the mobile data plan, if you don’t have an internet connection in your tablet PC and even Mac desktop you cover your iPhone.

Within this event, the MyWy tweak really helps you a lot. It’s among the finest Cydia tweaks for tethering. Nevertheless, as a way to acquire this tweak, you should jailbreak your device. This is actually the only manner in which you have access to Cydia Store, the thirdparty applications system.

The tweak is simple to utilize, also it lets you tether your 3G data connection. Furthermore, it is simple to install and utilize. This is actually the primary advantage MyWi brings you. Nevertheless, it is possible to tether your iPhone in four ways. The very first one is via Wi-Fi.

This can change your cell in a hot-spot. Each tablet or laptop connected to a WiFi will have the ability to use it and also to view your iPhone link as indigenous. The 2nd method to tether your iPhone is via USB. It’s just like using the Wi-Fi connection. The awful part is the fact that only one device can utilize the common internet connection. Connect the unit you need to your own iPhone and allow the sharing start.

The 3rd chance you’ve got to be able to discuss your cellular data link from your iPhone to a different system is via Bluetooth. But, as a way to work both devices must be suitable through Bluetooth. You turn on Bluetooth, just match both devices and share your internet connection.

Within the final part, the fourth choice you’ve got for tethering your internet connection is the MyWy On-demand. This really would work for iPhone and iPad just. It automatically uses the connection in your iPhone, whenever you launch online services in your iPad. This function goes immediately, and therefore you don’t need to allow each time to it you require it. Some notable features are also offered by the tweak. For instance, you can discuss your Wi-Fi connection rather than mobile info. In exactly the same time, you can see the variety of linked devices or the quantity of info you’ve used or shared.

But, the cost of the app might seem a bit too much for a few of you. If you desire to buy the MyWy Tweak, you must go to Cydia Shop, and without adding some additional Cydia Resources, look for MyWi. The tweak costs $ 20, but you should invest $ 5 more, should you desire to possess the OnDemand feature too. Look for more interesting free Cydia apps and boost efficiency of your own device.

Best LockScreen Cydia Tweaks You’ll Like

Jail-breaking is focused on customization and utility. You think about those practical Cydia apps and tweaks you’ll be able to install in your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, whenever you think about Cydia Store. In this manner, you can raise strength and performance of the device as you make it seem nice and advantageous.

AnyLockApp in ActionHere, I need to reveal a number of the very significant Cydia tweaks for your lockscreen. Because whenever you need to unlock your system you see the lockscreen the lockscreen is the most significant portion of the iPhone. Within this regard, you need some amazing Cydia apps which will let you alter the look of the device as you raise its utility.

The very first application for the lockscreen in desire to say is the AnyLockApp. This is really an excellent utility app that enables you to really establish the lockscreen camera button to establish any application.

Consequently, you can put any app you want, an app you use the absolute most rather than the camera application. For instance, you can place your favourite app and an alternate camera app. Without a doubt that it’s free of charge, if you’re considering installing this app in your system. It may be found inside your default Cydia sources, exactly within the BigBoss repo.

The second lockscreen app I need to say is the currently famed IntelliscreenX. when you understand, this kind of tweak is helpful for customization of the iOS springboard in addition to for the lockscreen. With the assistance of Intelliscreen X, you may include settings toggles, e-mail weather, Text Messaging and many more alternatives for your lock display.

A few of you may consider it slightly too expensive since it costs $9.99. But if you’re considering, you’ll locate it in the ModMyi source.

The past app I need to add to my best lockscreen Cydia tweaks is the Stride tweak. This tweak is created for people who appreciate the Android unlock pattern. Now, with the assistance of Stride you’ll be able to unlock your system with a plain gesture, by drawing an unique figure. You’re free to check out Pace, if you’re considering altering the famed iOS Slide to Unlock bar using a draw. The tweak is obtainable in the BigBoss repo, also it charges $2.99.

There are many more other fascinating Cydia tweaks whether you like customizing your system to test out. Using the appropriate software and tweaks, you can alter themes, icons, widgets and backgrounds.

Top 10 Best Cydia Tweaks 2013

Dont know if you noticed, but there aren’t any tweaks in App Store. To ensure that no one would transform the iOS, this rule is imposed by Apple hence making one of the many reasons that the jailbreak procedure came to be. However, for what are these tweaks, and what their part is. Well depending in the tweak each package can have a big or small impact on your iDevice.

I would suggest you do it through cydia, if you do not have it already go on and get a cydia download if you need to have tweaks without the hassle. Cydia is Application Stores counterpart, the spot where you will find apps and tweaks that are not available in App Store. Exactly like earlier where I presented a list with the best cydia applications this post will list the best cydia tweaks that I recommend you should have.

This listing will cover tweaks that will help you improve the user experience, look and how other apps will act.

Activator may be the tweak I adore the most, it alters the way on how best to utilize your iDevice. By building a set of custom actions and gestures interacting with your iDevice couldnt be easier.


AnyLockApp this tweak is perfect; I always wanted to access an application faster. We’re all familiar with the camera shortcut within the display, what if you can alter the functionality of the button to a pre-defined app. The good news is AnyLockApp gives this opportunity to you.

Barrel tired of slipping pages and want to try something new, Barrel will make this transition or the display of apps more fascinating.

Browser Changer we installed other web browsers like Chrome and have all get exhausted by Safari. The disadvantage to this is that all browsers dont have a built-in choice to set as default an unique browser. Well this tweak does the job completely.

ColorKeyboard if you need to new up your keyboard this tweaks can change the design of the keyboard.

CustomNCBackground this simple tweak will alter the background of the Notification Center.

Fakeclockup decreases time for animations this provides the sensation of working even faster. This is a must in case you have an older iDevice.

Skyra1n if you had problems with Spire this may be actually the solution for you. Similar to Spire this is a port of Siri. Should you have second thoughts regarding ram usage and battery usage do not get alarmed because it generally does not create these problems.

Switcher delivers another row to app switcher or can I say multitasking bar. However this isn’t all. You’ll get an increased brightness adjuster, a shortcut for settings, a brand-new music bar as well as a kill-app button.

Zephyr if you really have an iPod or iPhone and need the multi-tasking gesture of an iPad, Zephyr fills this gap perfectly. This way you can switch more rapidly between applications with iPad gestures alike.

There are other great tweaks out there that you are able to use, but in this list I just narrowed them for the best ten. Just like I mentioned in my other post stay tuned for more. I have more interesting items to give you.

Clear Cydia Cache to Make It Fast Again

Why do we all want to jailbreak our iDevices? Its easy, by doing this you have more gains. One of these benefits is Cydia. Cydia still remains the top iOS application manager for third-party software, despite the fact that there is a new competitor called Lima. However there are some problems with this specific program. Before long it can take a long a long time a while loading or showing some functions.

Its really easy to use Cydia but when it comes on doing some maintenance work the majority of the user dont have the data. So in this article we are planning to provide detailed how do apparent Cydia and make it run faster.

Cydia Screen

Firstly Im tired by the number of content that Cydia displays. You can cut all that rubbish from Changes tab by limiting the content in some sections. You can do this by going in Sections tab hitting the edit button then turning off the sections that you do not want to see, then press Done. The sections that create trash are themes, ringtones. My advice is always to keep on only significant sections that you definitely need.

One more way to increase speed will clear Cydia source cache. Adding a wrong source can cause problems when trying to remove it. You certainly can do this by following these simple steps:

  • Go to /private/etc/apt/sources.list.d and delete the files using the repository existing in the filename. Open and edit cydia.list and delete the lines having the repos url. Then save it.
  • In /private/var/lib/apt/list delete the files using the name seen in its file name.
  • In /private/var/lib/apt/list/partial as usual delete all the files which have repositories name present in the filename.
  • Now attend /private/var/lib/cydia and open for editing metadata.plist and find the line with the repos title current and delete them. Now save the file.
  • Right about now you need to have a clean and quick working cydia.

Top iOS 5 Tweaks You Might be Missing



Despite all iOS 5 has to provide, if you are anything like me you’ll usually find reasons to jailbreak. Fortunately, a group of applications and Jailbreak tweaks are updated for iOS 5 compatibility and enable me to have only that.

There will undoubtedly become a flood of them shortly but for right now, right this moment, here are a listing of our favorites, the ones we think are the best — TiPb’s Top 5 Jailbreak apps and tweaks that will assist you receive the most out-of iOS 5!


This really is still another utility that is been around nearly as long as iOS has. However, for many jailbreakers it is actually a tweak you’ll absolutely need to possess. Some applications even require that you simply install Activator as a way to utilize them.

The entire point of Activator would be to ensure it is simpler to get at things that you use most often. You might need a gesture that enables you to really mention a BiteSMS fast compose screen should you send lots of texts. Activator lets you do so by just assigning particular gestures to particular applications. Heaps of jailbreak apps and utilities have integrated support for Activator.

If it does not work I must endure with a stock iPhone I still find myself attempting to open points with gestures just to frown when there’s ever a span of time. I still find myself questioning why short-cut gestures haven’t been more greatly implemented into iOS contemplating the broad adoption speed of Activator on the list of jailbreak community.

Free – Cydia repo source.


It enables one to add fast toggles for popular attributes for example bluetooth, 3G, airplane-mode, brightness, and much more. While SBSettings includes a great deal of the more popular toggles assembled in you may download much more from Cydia. You can even download themes to alter the appearance of SBSettings also.

Merely allow SBSettings in Notification Center which is immediately at any time you want it.

Free – Cydia repo link.


Though lots of long-time jailbreakers have now Winterboard and used resources like Summerboard, the jailbreak scene only gets better and better. It demonstrates lots of promise while Dreamboard is a more recent application in its early phases.

The capability to make and customize themes comes included in the application. For jailbreakers that are fairly picky about themes and desire the capability to get more control over “the small things”, Dreamboard might be exactly what you are searching for. This is certainly a jailbreak utility to maintain your eye on.

Free – Cydia repo link.


The tight integration with the currently built-in Notification Center is actually why is this model stick out. You can only tell that lots of thought and energy went to the job. IntelliScreenX makes it amazing, while Notification Center is great. It provides the features that Apple omitted. From obtaining all your info in the display to getting a top-shelf function for toggles is reworked in the bottom up. Intelliborn is undoubtedly providing applications like LockInfo too much to stay up-to with their next release.

The problem is by writing this it hasn’t yet been introduced. Till then you may always check out the video above to view it in motion. This really is just one I keep looking into and cannot wait to test for myself. Additional websites have really been able to really get an early handson with this and have walked away very impressed. We’ll include a link and upgrade when it is easily available for downloading. Let us know should you see this up!

Free trial is available. Cydia repo link.


I’ve tried several messaging replacing apps but I constantly find myself returning to Bite. It gives the handle to me I need and then some.

This time it is coming back around with even tighter integration and a fresh facelift to iOS. The app only feels this time to a good deal cleaner around. In addition, I like this customers are actually offered the choice to natively reskin the Bite icon for the default Messages icon and conceal the inventory icon.

The iOS 5 compatible version continues to be in beta however it is public. As a way to utilize it you’ll have to include these repository in Cydia –

Only a reminder that because it’s still in beta you ought to anticipate several bugs here and there. I have already been utilizing it for a little now and have not experienced a lot of issues outside of the crash here and there.

Free trial is available. Cydia repo link.