3 Great Installous Options to Use

InstallousAs everyone probably knows, the Hackulous team has announced that their famed plan for downloading cracked apps has attained an end. Now, you are not able to use the program as a way to download the best apps and tweaks free of charge.

Installous provided us a suitable and also a safe method to download the finest Cydia apps, but now, we need to focus our attention to some other similar plans. Luckily, there are a few options for the famed Installous you can try out. Here, I want to mention you three of these, which proved to be quite helpful for jailbreakers throughout the whole world.

1. vShare

The option has made its path among jailbreakers lately, and it’s also still needs time for people to become accustomed to it. However, its popularity is rising day by day and you will be an essential app rather soon now. If you decide to test it out, you’ve got to understand what you can find in here. For instance, the app offers lots cracked IPA files that may be downloaded via direct links. Which means that you do not really have to spend a lot of time waiting to find the correct link to your download. The big disadvantage that vShare demonstrates is the proven fact that its interface is chiefly in Chinese. You will find vShare within Cydia Store and then you’re free to download any applications you want.

2. AppCake

Another practical app for downloading cracked apps is the AppCake. That is a classic app, likely one of the finest Cydia apps in what concerns the cracked applications. But if you are interested in adding the AppCake in your device, you will have many advantages. To begin with, AppCake is offers stability and availability to the best Cydia applications and tweaks. In the same time, its interface is quite like the one at vShare, simply the AppCake is strictly in English. Whenever you want to look down for something on AppCake, you’ll locate all apps organized in groups or by popularity, that’ll make your browsing pretty simple. The sole problem here is the reality that AppCake needs AppSync in order to operate.

3. iFunBox

The last third party tweak I want to say is the iFunBox. With the help of this unique Installous option, you can browse, transfer or manage files from your system to a desktop computer. The good thing with iFunBox is it includes support for all iOS 6 devices and after. In addition, it shows a clear and simple interface where you are able to manage your own personal issues such as photos, music or movie. Consequently, with iFunBox, you have an Installous alternative for downloading cracked apps and in the exact same time, you get an overall file manager.

Top 5 WinterBoard Themes 2014

I understand how much you all love customizing your iDevices. Within this respect, Cydia Store is the right place where you need to go to be able to really get the best Cydia apps and tweaks for customisation. First when you jailbreak your device, and you also get the Cydia icon on your house screen, Cydia has some default sources where you can find a few great apps. But if this isn’t enough, it is possible to include multiple sources to get access over a wider variety of tweaks and free computer software.

Among the best Cydia apps available for customization is the Winterboard tweak. Since Apple does not allow users to change themes, this tweak is the right response. However, in order to create a style in your device, you need to download some themes first. Luckily, Cydia provides multiple Winterboard themes to select from. Now, I need to show the most significant 5 Winterboard themes in 2014.

Ayecon Theme

1. Ayecon changes completely the iOS native apps along with a number of other apps set up on your device. The theme changes the whole appearance of your own iPhone. The undesirable part with this awesome theme is the fact that it costs $2.99, and some consumers may find this slightly too much.

2. Wood Shelves iPhone theme is practical free theme, which display icons and all your applications in ways that seems to be set on the wooden shelf. Its sophisticated appearance has obtained the sympathy of a high variety of users. It is easy, yet very useful to achieve a clean appearance of the Springboard.

3. Picnic is really one of the finest free themes you can download from Cydia Store. The theme provides a wide number of icons to choose from. To be able to give them a particular elated look you can set different icons for every one of the apps. In precisely the same time, Picnic theme enables you to add another grid of icons to your home page. The nice part is that this simple theme is totally free.

4. Another astonishing topic I need to say in my top 5 Cydia themes list is the Buuf2. This Winterboard theme changes the appearance of your icons while if gives other fascinating icons such as cartoon icons, colored icons or SMS bubbles. You can select the best icons for you from the set of 500 different icons. Furthermore, Buuf2 is free of charge.

5. The past Winterboard theme in my list is the iSuperMarioBros HD theme. For all people who enjoy playing Super Mario, then this motif is more than acceptable. It gives all effects to you of the game right on your own iPhone. It is simple and comical topic, which will not cost a penny to you.

Pick the concept that describes your personally better and download several practical Cydia apps in order to customize your device entirely A straightforward Cydia free download can offer you many great tweaks and features.

How to Use Cydia, Step by Step

How to Use Cydia

How to Use Cydia

The majority people have heard about Cydia but articles discussing the features and functions of this distribution system for third party apps are quite few. So now we are likely to cover this specific problem and make a comprehensive presentation of Cydia.

In the event you had use the Installer.app in the past, I could say that with Cydia it is the exact same thing and straightforward to use.

The only method to get Cydia properly is to get your iDevice jailbroken. There are a lot of apps that can jailbreak your device.

If you already have Cydia installed let’s start our step-by-step guide.

1. Since we are talking about an app you’ll be able to get Cydia directly from Springboard.

2. Even though is your first time or you also havent accessed it for quite a while it is recommended to upgrade Cydia. Whenever you run it you’ll get a notice regarding Essential upgrades. This upgrades are for Cydia that will allow you to manage applications.

To upgrade is quite straightforward:

  • Whenever you have the message press Upgrade Essentials
  • Continue by pressing Confirm to start download and installation
  • When it concludes the installation press Shut Window

Now the only thing to perform is reopen Cydia, we can do so by pressing the Home key the tap again Cydia. This is very important because we have to be sure that each of the new features and packages are loaded.

3. To ensure a good working condition of you device it is suggested to update applications. I believe now you’re asking will you know once an upgrade is available. Well whenever you have an update for installed application you’ll see a notification with a number next to Changes menu. That number indicates how many apps have a pending upgrade. To be more realistic I will talk about updating SBSettings or all installed components.

You start by pressing Changes then press Upgrade all. After you’ve pressed Cofirm the downloading process beings. After that it will install those apps for you. Finally the upgrade notification icon will disappear.

4. In this example we will talk about WinterBoard. It is easy and intuitive. Touch Sections then System the look for WinterBoard. Touch WinterBoard then press Install. Then carry on together with the installation by pressing Affirm. Right now you will realize that you app will alter its status from Downloading to Preparing then to Complete. Then you need to tap the Close Window.

5. We talked about setup, upgrading and now we are likely to talk about removing or reinstallation. So for removing here we go, in Cydia press Manage and find the app you want to remove, lets say WinterBoard, tap WinterBoard then tap Modify. Here you could choose Reinstall but for our example we will choose Remove, and after that tap Verify.

6. Search option can be rather convenient if you do not know in what group or in Cydia case section is your app.

So here you go. Using Cydia is easy. It’s not a complicated apps. The most power comes from the collection of apps available to your iDevices. Those are not available if you don’t use Cydia, as both the free and paid apps likely are not accepted by Apple App Store.

Lima – Browser-Based Cydia Alternative

I dont know in case you have seen the news regarding this new competitor to Cydia, developed by Infini Dev-team, but Lima is a strong competition to Cydia.

Lima, Cydia Alternative

Lima, Cydia Alternative

You’re wondering what browser based means as you have seen in the title possibly. Well to put it in other words rather than using an application to handle all of the programs that you could install with Cydia you will use Safari on your own system as an interface to install extensions and third-party applications.

Ive noticed a lot of people trying this new alternative, despite the fact that Lima is within the beta stage it has a fine and clean interface compared to his counterpart. Like the majority of people who tried this I was impressed how rapidly the load of packages is.

Lima uses two servers along with a data base server plus it can use HTTPS. From my view Lima has a lot of catching to do. Within this stage you’ll be able to encounter some bugs or some difficulties regarding programs. For now in some parts one is better than another and vice-versa but lets not forget that Lima is really in beta phase.

So my overall opinion if you want to try something new I could suggest Lima.

Best and Easiest Way to Download Installous from Cydia

Before I show you how to download and install Installous from Cydia, first of all what is Installous?

Well Installous was developed by docmorelli and created by puy0. This iOS application will enable customers to download any application straight to their devices and install it, they can still share it. But there people out there that are new in the Cydia world and they are trying to figure out what are repositories and what is Cydia.

Installous 5 Screen

Installous 5 Screen

First of all Cydia is a third-party management app that with the help of repositories you’ll be able to widen your area of interest. The only way you can get Installous installed is through Cydia and of course Cydia can be installed only on jailbroken iDevices. In short words, no jailbreak no Installous.

Since the start in September 2008 popularity of Installous has grown reaching almost a total of thirteen million devices with this app installed.

The installation is extremely simple you just add http://cydia.hackulo.us/ to the repository to Cydia source list. Then search and install Installous 5. After installation you need to reboot your device. You should have a shortcut of Installous at your Home display. You can search for your favorite application inside Installous can be searched by you.

The same as App Store Installous offers updates. In the Updates tab you’ll be able to upgrade your app and see change log. Installous can support multitasking. If you discover any problems with the links in Installous you can use apptracker to make a report. With MobileHunt you can help the community by sharing a requested application. In the brand new version you’ll be able to see BitTorrent support, you’ll be able to download applications using magnet links.

As you can see there many cool features in a single application and there are so many things that you can do with it. If you’ll want an application Installous is the solution for you.

How to Download Cydia Apps to iPhone or iPad

Cydia is the primary and popular thirdparty software manager. It is similar to the App Store. You need to have an account. Many free apps are available but you can also save payment info for quick purchase of paid apps. Since any iDevice is restricted the sole solution to install Cydia properly is by jailbreaking.

Modified Theme by Winterboard

Modified Theme by Winterboard

The majority of apps within Cydia are free and you can simply expand the catalog with the addition of repositories. Cydia comes loaded with tweaks and themes that may alter the visual appearance of your own apparatus or how are you going to interact with it.

For example if we all are looking to change the appearance, WinterBoard is the ideal Cydia application to do the job. With this you can modify the images of the status bar, change the icons, make changes to applications, install themes, change the wallpapers, and personalize the ringtones or audio notifications for your system.

As for the interaction by means of your device Activator is a good example. It’s among the most popular Cydia applications for any iDevice. With this app you can easily assign or customize any button like to turn on/off WiFi or Bluetooth.

One other significant app you have to have on your own device is iFile. iFile allows you see the file-system of your device. You can also access files to see or edit them. It supports sound, movie, text files. It is likewise an audio and video player, a document viewer and editor. Additionally, it may manage archived documents. This app could be downloaded at no cost from Cydia.

Dashboard X is a little and popular Cydia tweak. This tweak enables you to place widgets on your home screen. This tweak is not free it costs only $1.99.

There are various tweaks and apps that will interest you the one thing which you need is time to analyze them.

Jailbreak to Download and Install Cydia Full Version

Do you really need Cydia? Answer these questions honestly:

  • Are you tired of the same old interface and want a completely new look?
  • Do you want to set up new themes and pick color schemes for your background?
  • Do you need to separately yourself from the crowd by creating custom ringtones?
  • Do you wish you have that option to control you iDevice by voice?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, then you guessed it. The answer is YES.

In short, Cydia is an apps management system designed and created by Jay Freeman for Apple mobile devies.

In order to install Cydia perfectly you must first jailbreak your device. For those how do not understand why you must jailbreak any iDevice, well is because you cannot install any third-party software without it. The official version is quite limited in many sense.

By jailbreaking you remove this limitation and as a bonus you are going to remove other restrictions too. With Cydia you can manage other third-party applications or programs.

You can jailbreak an iDevice with any tool or online service.

Should you not want to spend any cash I suggest a free jailbreak tool like JailbreaAk!, redsn0w, Absinthe or Greenpois0n. These are commonly used by users around the globe. Jailbreak is a simple process, having a good tutorial you can jailbreak any device within minutes. If this is your first time, we have to admit it’s quite a tedious process, especially if you are not a technical person.

Subsequent to the procedure finishes some jailbreak tools will ask to download and install Cydia.

Following the installing Cydia you will see that you could define repositories so you can install more free apps or tweaks, but beware the majority of them are not trusted.

You will be prompted with 3 options: User, Hacker, Developer when you install Cydia. These 3 options have a set of filters that will help the user with suitable features predicated on his selection. If you want to use Cydia simply to install apps I suggest you choose User option.

Is it Possible to Install Cydia without Jailbreaking?

A few options available online. They promise to do exactly that: download and install Cydia without having to jailbreak. But here’s the thing: many of the cool apps and tweaks are available only for jailbroken devices. They need to be able to access one or a few of the many disabled features in iOs for them to work properly.

Yes, you may enjoy other third-party apps not approved by official App store, but you are going to miss a lot of other tweaks as well. We know because we tried them all. We ended up with a version of Cydia when it is not possible to install many apps due to incompatibility. Very annoying, if you ask us.

Not yet convinced? Don’t believe us? Just watch the video below for 100 reasons why you should jailbreak your iPhone:

Install Cydia Now with a Few Clicks

If you need to learn more, on ClearCydia you will uncover tons of great Cydia apps, tweaks, a few of the best Cydia sources available at the second and far more. If you’re not a tech geek but you like customizing and personalizing your iDevice so that one may brag at your buddies then this is the place youd need to be.

Download and install Cydia in 5 minutes or less.

How to Download and Install Cydia in 5 Minutes or Less

The complete process of downloading and installing Cydia is also referred to as jailbreak and it involves running a software in your PC / Mac which amongst many other things adds the option of installing 3rd party applications on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

You can do this manually but the steps are tedious and error-prone.

If you are not a techie, than we’d suggest that you get assistance from professionals because sometimes jailbreaking can be tricky. For instance, you may have heard about the term brick, which means a device that is completely not functional due to an issue during the jailbreak process.

Yes it’s that dangerous if you’re not careful. Jailbreaking involves removing all types of limitations imposed in any Apple’s devices. In the process, during the process it releases all the features embedded in iOS devices. Then on top of that, you install Cydia which allows you to browse repositories containing apps, games and also tweaks not available in the official App store.

After reviewing a long record of sites that provide jailbreak services we have selected an option that we recommend, which I believe to be the best alternative based on cost, support and professionalism.

Most of our loyal visitors have even spared their time to send positive feedback for our recommendation, and all of them are 100% satisfied with their services. They handle any sort of iDevice and they offer support to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you want to install Cydia safely in your device feel free to click on the button below and guarantee your life jailbreak membership.

Don’t forget, it works with ANY iDevice running ANY iOS variation, hassle free.

Click here to download and install Cydia with a few clicks. Most people don’t need more than 5 minutes!

What is Cydia? Overview and Common Questions

And how does it benefit you? Should you be new in the iDevice world this are the first questions that you may ask when hear the term Cydia. When I first bought my iPhone, I am overwhelmed with the terms like jailbreak my iPhone and installing Cydia, not to mention all the apps and tweaks.

Basically Cydia is an alternative App Store that offers apps for your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad which are not accessible in the official App Store. Apps provided in Cydia sometimes have been rejected by Apple for reasons including they offend Apple’s terms for apps or they take on Apple’s own apps. Some software available at Cydia could also enable consumers to do things Apple does not want them all to. (A lot of them are awesome, by the way.)

Cydia was developed by Jay Freeman aka saurik. It was started in February 2008. Cydia is a third-party software application created for iOS devices. In certain cases Cydia it is discretionary when you use jailbreaking tools.

Here is a brief list with the most know jail-breaking resources: greenpois0n, redsn0w, Absinthe, JailbreakMe and many more, if you’re dying to be aware of the name of those tools.

Cydia Screen on an iPad

Cydia Screen on an iPad

What Do I Need to Utilize It?

An iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, running iPhone OS 3 or higher, that’s jailbroken.

Where Can I Obtain It?

The process of jailbreaking your apparatus will normally contain setup of, or the option to install, Cydia. This is true for jailbreak tools including JailbreakMe.com and blackra1n.

Cydia can also be installed via Installer.app/AppTap, another app tool accessible to jailbroken devices.

What Sort of Applications Does Cydia Have?

Well Cydia will be the primary third-party software packages supply for iOS. To place it in simple terms it is similar to App Store, but here many distributions which are free. If you are tired in regards to the user interface you can easily personalize it by Cydia.

A number of these programs are customizations or perhaps you understand them by the word of tweaks. These tweaks can alter how your device behaves. For example one of these apps is WinterBoard. Were you can modify the theme, dialer keypad, chat bubbles and lots more.

Apps available in Cydia do things unavailable through the App Store like:

  • Capability to sync over WiFi
  • Emulators for video game consoles
  • Eliminating Apple’s restriction on iPhone/iPod touch video-out for connecting it to a TV
  • Bypassing Apple’s ringtones editor to make your own
  • Themes to personalize the appearance of your own device
  • Modifying the OS’s fundamental interface and flow
  • Downloading files straight to the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

What’s Average Price for Cydia Apps

As in the official App Store, apps at Cydia are both free and for pay. Thousands of them are free. Paid apps cost anywhere from US$0.99 to $20 or more.

Can I Pay for Cydia Apps with iTunes Account?

No. Your iTunes account only works for buying things through iTunes. To buy apps through Cydia, you may use PayPal, Amazon Payments, or via some resources, a charge card.

To encourage developers to sell apps inside Cydia in March 2009 saurik introduced a payment choice in Cydia something similar to the one from App Store. If you intend to buy an application through Cydia you will need an account, you can link Google or Facebook accounts in order to make the proof of purchasing if you reinstall or change your system.

Are Cydia Apps Secure?

Among the techniques Apple touts its App Store is by stressing the review of apps for bad coding or malicious behavior. Cydia does not provide this kind of in-depth vetting of apps before they’re supplied to consumers.

One on-hand, Apple’s approval process restricts apps which are absolutely safe, for some reason opposed to Apple’s interests. To the other, it (theoretically) ensures some degree of quality.

With all this, understand that after installing apps from Cydia, you do so at your own risk and that Apple may well not offer assistance to you personally as a result of problems created by apps from Cydia. The risk is minimal though especially if you only install apps from reputable authors.

Does Cydia Work Like the App Store?

In many ways yes, in one vital manner, it will not. Apple’s App Store stores all the applications it sells on Apple’s servers and you download them from there. Cydia, nevertheless, is more like a directory or middleman than a store in how the App Store is. The download does not come from Cydia servers, but instead from storage provided by the originator of such app, if you download apps from Cydia.