Best and Easiest Way to Download Installous from Cydia

Before I show you how to download and install Installous from Cydia, first of all what is Installous?

Well Installous was developed by docmorelli and created by puy0. This iOS application will enable customers to download any application straight to their devices and install it, they can still share it. But there people out there that are new in the Cydia world and they are trying to figure out what are repositories and what is Cydia.

Installous 5 Screen

Installous 5 Screen

First of all Cydia is a third-party management app that with the help of repositories you’ll be able to widen your area of interest. The only way you can get Installous installed is through Cydia and of course Cydia can be installed only on jailbroken iDevices. In short words, no jailbreak no Installous.

Since the start in September 2008 popularity of Installous has grown reaching almost a total of thirteen million devices with this app installed.

The installation is extremely simple you just add to the repository to Cydia source list. Then search and install Installous 5. After installation you need to reboot your device. You should have a shortcut of Installous at your Home display. You can search for your favorite application inside Installous can be searched by you.

The same as App Store Installous offers updates. In the Updates tab you’ll be able to upgrade your app and see change log. Installous can support multitasking. If you discover any problems with the links in Installous you can use apptracker to make a report. With MobileHunt you can help the community by sharing a requested application. In the brand new version you’ll be able to see BitTorrent support, you’ll be able to download applications using magnet links.

As you can see there many cool features in a single application and there are so many things that you can do with it. If you’ll want an application Installous is the solution for you.