Lima – Browser-Based Cydia Alternative

I dont know in case you have seen the news regarding this new competitor to Cydia, developed by Infini Dev-team, but Lima is a strong competition to Cydia.

Lima, Cydia Alternative

Lima, Cydia Alternative

You’re wondering what browser based means as you have seen in the title possibly. Well to put it in other words rather than using an application to handle all of the programs that you could install with Cydia you will use Safari on your own system as an interface to install extensions and third-party applications.

Ive noticed a lot of people trying this new alternative, despite the fact that Lima is within the beta stage it has a fine and clean interface compared to his counterpart. Like the majority of people who tried this I was impressed how rapidly the load of packages is.

Lima uses two servers along with a data base server plus it can use HTTPS. From my view Lima has a lot of catching to do. Within this stage you’ll be able to encounter some bugs or some difficulties regarding programs. For now in some parts one is better than another and vice-versa but lets not forget that Lima is really in beta phase.

So my overall opinion if you want to try something new I could suggest Lima.