Top 5 WinterBoard Themes 2014

I understand how much you all love customizing your iDevices. Within this respect, Cydia Store is the right place where you need to go to be able to really get the best Cydia apps and tweaks for customisation. First when you jailbreak your device, and you also get the Cydia icon on your house screen, Cydia has some default sources where you can find a few great apps. But if this isn’t enough, it is possible to include multiple sources to get access over a wider variety of tweaks and free computer software.

Among the best Cydia apps available for customization is the Winterboard tweak. Since Apple does not allow users to change themes, this tweak is the right response. However, in order to create a style in your device, you need to download some themes first. Luckily, Cydia provides multiple Winterboard themes to select from. Now, I need to show the most significant 5 Winterboard themes in 2014.

Ayecon Theme

1. Ayecon changes completely the iOS native apps along with a number of other apps set up on your device. The theme changes the whole appearance of your own iPhone. The undesirable part with this awesome theme is the fact that it costs $2.99, and some consumers may find this slightly too much.

2. Wood Shelves iPhone theme is practical free theme, which display icons and all your applications in ways that seems to be set on the wooden shelf. Its sophisticated appearance has obtained the sympathy of a high variety of users. It is easy, yet very useful to achieve a clean appearance of the Springboard.

3. Picnic is really one of the finest free themes you can download from Cydia Store. The theme provides a wide number of icons to choose from. To be able to give them a particular elated look you can set different icons for every one of the apps. In precisely the same time, Picnic theme enables you to add another grid of icons to your home page. The nice part is that this simple theme is totally free.

4. Another astonishing topic I need to say in my top 5 Cydia themes list is the Buuf2. This Winterboard theme changes the appearance of your icons while if gives other fascinating icons such as cartoon icons, colored icons or SMS bubbles. You can select the best icons for you from the set of 500 different icons. Furthermore, Buuf2 is free of charge.

5. The past Winterboard theme in my list is the iSuperMarioBros HD theme. For all people who enjoy playing Super Mario, then this motif is more than acceptable. It gives all effects to you of the game right on your own iPhone. It is simple and comical topic, which will not cost a penny to you.

Pick the concept that describes your personally better and download several practical Cydia apps in order to customize your device entirely A straightforward Cydia free download can offer you many great tweaks and features.