How to Use Cydia, Step by Step

How to Use Cydia

How to Use Cydia

The majority people have heard about Cydia but articles discussing the features and functions of this distribution system for third party apps are quite few. So now we are likely to cover this specific problem and make a comprehensive presentation of Cydia.

In the event you had use the in the past, I could say that with Cydia it is the exact same thing and straightforward to use.

The only method to get Cydia properly is to get your iDevice jailbroken. There are a lot of apps that can jailbreak your device.

If you already have Cydia installed let’s start our step-by-step guide.

1. Since we are talking about an app you’ll be able to get Cydia directly from Springboard.

2. Even though is your first time or you also havent accessed it for quite a while it is recommended to upgrade Cydia. Whenever you run it you’ll get a notice regarding Essential upgrades. This upgrades are for Cydia that will allow you to manage applications.

To upgrade is quite straightforward:

  • Whenever you have the message press Upgrade Essentials
  • Continue by pressing Confirm to start download and installation
  • When it concludes the installation press Shut Window

Now the only thing to perform is reopen Cydia, we can do so by pressing the Home key the tap again Cydia. This is very important because we have to be sure that each of the new features and packages are loaded.

3. To ensure a good working condition of you device it is suggested to update applications. I believe now you’re asking will you know once an upgrade is available. Well whenever you have an update for installed application you’ll see a notification with a number next to Changes menu. That number indicates how many apps have a pending upgrade. To be more realistic I will talk about updating SBSettings or all installed components.

You start by pressing Changes then press Upgrade all. After you’ve pressed Cofirm the downloading process beings. After that it will install those apps for you. Finally the upgrade notification icon will disappear.

4. In this example we will talk about WinterBoard. It is easy and intuitive. Touch Sections then System the look for WinterBoard. Touch WinterBoard then press Install. Then carry on together with the installation by pressing Affirm. Right now you will realize that you app will alter its status from Downloading to Preparing then to Complete. Then you need to tap the Close Window.

5. We talked about setup, upgrading and now we are likely to talk about removing or reinstallation. So for removing here we go, in Cydia press Manage and find the app you want to remove, lets say WinterBoard, tap WinterBoard then tap Modify. Here you could choose Reinstall but for our example we will choose Remove, and after that tap Verify.

6. Search option can be rather convenient if you do not know in what group or in Cydia case section is your app.

So here you go. Using Cydia is easy. It’s not a complicated apps. The most power comes from the collection of apps available to your iDevices. Those are not available if you don’t use Cydia, as both the free and paid apps likely are not accepted by Apple App Store.