What is Cydia? Overview and Common Questions

And how does it benefit you? Should you be new in the iDevice world this are the first questions that you may ask when hear the term Cydia. When I first bought my iPhone, I am overwhelmed with the terms like jailbreak my iPhone and installing Cydia, not to mention all the apps and tweaks.

Basically Cydia is an alternative App Store that offers apps for your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad which are not accessible in the official App Store. Apps provided in Cydia sometimes have been rejected by Apple for reasons including they offend Apple’s terms for apps or they take on Apple’s own apps. Some software available at Cydia could also enable consumers to do things Apple does not want them all to. (A lot of them are awesome, by the way.)

Cydia was developed by Jay Freeman aka saurik. It was started in February 2008. Cydia is a third-party software application created for iOS devices. In certain cases Cydia it is discretionary when you use jailbreaking tools.

Here is a brief list with the most know jail-breaking resources: greenpois0n, redsn0w, Absinthe, JailbreakMe and many more, if you’re dying to be aware of the name of those tools.

Cydia Screen on an iPad

Cydia Screen on an iPad

What Do I Need to Utilize It?

An iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, running iPhone OS 3 or higher, that’s jailbroken.

Where Can I Obtain It?

The process of jailbreaking your apparatus will normally contain setup of, or the option to install, Cydia. This is true for jailbreak tools including JailbreakMe.com and blackra1n.

Cydia can also be installed via Installer.app/AppTap, another app tool accessible to jailbroken devices.

What Sort of Applications Does Cydia Have?

Well Cydia will be the primary third-party software packages supply for iOS. To place it in simple terms it is similar to App Store, but here many distributions which are free. If you are tired in regards to the user interface you can easily personalize it by Cydia.

A number of these programs are customizations or perhaps you understand them by the word of tweaks. These tweaks can alter how your device behaves. For example one of these apps is WinterBoard. Were you can modify the theme, dialer keypad, chat bubbles and lots more.

Apps available in Cydia do things unavailable through the App Store like:

  • Capability to sync over WiFi
  • Emulators for video game consoles
  • Eliminating Apple’s restriction on iPhone/iPod touch video-out for connecting it to a TV
  • Bypassing Apple’s ringtones editor to make your own
  • Themes to personalize the appearance of your own device
  • Modifying the OS’s fundamental interface and flow
  • Downloading files straight to the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

What’s Average Price for Cydia Apps

As in the official App Store, apps at Cydia are both free and for pay. Thousands of them are free. Paid apps cost anywhere from US$0.99 to $20 or more.

Can I Pay for Cydia Apps with iTunes Account?

No. Your iTunes account only works for buying things through iTunes. To buy apps through Cydia, you may use PayPal, Amazon Payments, or via some resources, a charge card.

To encourage developers to sell apps inside Cydia in March 2009 saurik introduced a payment choice in Cydia something similar to the one from App Store. If you intend to buy an application through Cydia you will need an account, you can link Google or Facebook accounts in order to make the proof of purchasing if you reinstall or change your system.

Are Cydia Apps Secure?

Among the techniques Apple touts its App Store is by stressing the review of apps for bad coding or malicious behavior. Cydia does not provide this kind of in-depth vetting of apps before they’re supplied to consumers.

One on-hand, Apple’s approval process restricts apps which are absolutely safe, for some reason opposed to Apple’s interests. To the other, it (theoretically) ensures some degree of quality.

With all this, understand that after installing apps from Cydia, you do so at your own risk and that Apple may well not offer assistance to you personally as a result of problems created by apps from Cydia. The risk is minimal though especially if you only install apps from reputable authors.

Does Cydia Work Like the App Store?

In many ways yes, in one vital manner, it will not. Apple’s App Store stores all the applications it sells on Apple’s servers and you download them from there. Cydia, nevertheless, is more like a directory or middleman than a store in how the App Store is. The download does not come from Cydia servers, but instead from storage provided by the originator of such app, if you download apps from Cydia.